How it all works…

  • We are vintage & handmade

  • Boutiques must be vintage/bohemian style and will be limited to 2 per building for Rosenberg or 5 total for all other venues. This is first come, first served.

  • We do not allow any product from direct sales companies or MLM of any kind.

  • We set up the day prior to event, noon-10 pm

  • Vendors are chosen based on product and display

  • Mobile boutique spaces are sold at $150 per 10’

Venues and fees

FOOD TRUCKS - $100 non-refundable fee for all food trucks. We are not responsible for information, obtaining or assisting with your food permits. Please contact the local health department at least 3 weeks prior to show date. Please apply below.

Rosenberg, TX - Fort Bend County Fairgrounds

Saturday, Nov 9

Indoor 10x10 $150 - SOLD OUT

Indoor 10x15 $200 - SOLD OUT

Outdoor 10x10 $100

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Three buildings plus outdoor space on concrete or grass. Electricity, chairs, tables & wifi are free. Please specify indoor or outdoor.

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Civic Center, North Exhibit Hall

Saturday, Nov 23

Indoor 10x10 $150

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Indoor event. Electricity, tables and chairs available.

Llano, TX - John L. Kuykendall Arena/Llano Event Center

Saturday, Dec 7

Indoor 10x10 $150

Arena 10x10 $150 (packed dirt floor)

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Indoor building plus covered arena. Electricity & tables are free. Please specify indoor or arena.

Oklahoma City, OK - Heritage Place

Saturday, Dec 14

Indoor 10x10 $150

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Indoor building. Electricity is free.

New Braunfels, TX - New Braunfels Convention Center

Saturday, Feb 15 2020

10x10 $150

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Indoor event.

Fredericksburg, TX - Gillespie County Fairgrounds

Saturday, Feb 29 2020

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

10x10 $150

Rosenberg, TX - Fort Bend County Fairgrounds

Saturday, March 14 2020

Indoor 10x10 $150

Indoor 10x15 $200

Outdoor 10x10 $100

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Three buildings plus outdoor space on concrete or grass. Electricity, chairs, tables & wifi are free. Please specify indoor or outdoor.

Bryan/College Station, TX - Brazos County Expo

Saturday, April 11 2020

Indoor 10x10 $150

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Pasadena, TX - Pasadena Convention Center & Fairgrounds

Saturday, Aug 1

10x10 $150

Mobile/airstream boutique spaces $150 per 10’

Indoor event!

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Your submission of online application is your agreement to vendor contract and terms below.

Your space is not reserved until deposit has been made.

Vendor is aware that this form serves as both application and contract, this form does not guarantee space until application has been approved. Approval for one JH event does not guarantee a space in any other JH event.

The parties to this contract are Kristen Grandi, owner Junk Hippy (JH), (hereafter “Host”) and “Vendor”.

Whereas, Host is hosting an Event known as Junk Hippy Roadshow to occur, has the right to vend at and during the Event, and agree that this contract is pending approval of vendor and products, and if declined to participate in JH event, contract is void.

Now, therefore, the parties agree as follows:

1. Each vendor (each booth) will be given two passes to give away on social media.  Admission for the public will be $5. 

2. Vendor shall only sell products as generally described to JH.  We do not allow multi-level marketing or party based sales items.  Misrepresentation of product will result in you being asked to leave and forfeit payment. 

3. Vendor’s booth space will be as specified according to size requested on application.  No walls, surrounds, tables, etc will be provided by JH.  Tables and chairs may be available for rent during the show.  All partitions, decorations, and set up are responsibility of each vendor.  Spaces will be measured and designated by JH.  Sharing a booth is allowed only if you notify JH prior to show and additional vendor is approved.  Everyone participating will need to sign contract.  Please do not share without notification.  Sharing a booth without prior notification and contract of all participating will result in vendor removal from show and booth fees will be forfeited.  Location of each vendor space is under the sole discretion of JH.  Special locations may be requested and we will do our best to accommodate your requests but final location is determined by JH.  Vendor may upgrade to larger space anytime before set up, if spaces are available and fees have been paid relative to requested space. 

4. Vendors may not tack, glue, use nails or screws or in any manner deface any part of the facilities.  Vendor agrees to be responsible for any damage they cause to the facility.  No open flame of any kind is permitted. 

5. Each vendor is responsible for their own sales and finances, including taking payments, credit card transactions, etc.  JH holds no responsibility for any tax liability or sales transactions for vendors.  JH will not be able to make change for your booth sales, so please be prepared with adequate cash.

6. Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Host against any damages, injuries to or of any person (including death), harm, theft, loss, loss of profits or income, costs or fees (including attorney’s fees) or claims of any kind that may arise in connection with Vendor’s and/or vendors family or representatives presence at the Event and Vendor’s activities of any kind.

7. Any food, samples, drinks, snacks to be sold at JH must be previously approved by venue.  Vendors agree to notify JH of such items in order to request approval prior to show.

8. Security will be provided, however, JH is not responsible for vendor inventory or personal effects.  It is the sole responsibility of each vendor to make sure your items are safe.  Vendor agrees to not hold JH responsible for any theft or damage at any time during the event and or set up, due to weather or otherwise.

9. All displays, inventory and booth set up will be completed and ready for sale by 9:00 am day of the event, and will not be taken down until sale ends at 5:00 pm.  Set up will be the day before the event starting at noon.  Any early tear-downs will result in vendor not being invited back to a JH event.  If vendor is allowed to drive into venue, this can only be done as long as vehicles can safely drive in and out of building. 

10. Please be respectful and use common courtesy towards other vendors and their spaces.  A lot of work goes into a show like this and I want everyone to have a positive experience and a good time!  Please be kind, be courteous and be original.  The JH family holds high priority in our atmosphere, fellowship, and the energy of the event as a whole.  It is very important to be supportive of fellow vendors, kind to all involved in the event, and make everyone feel welcome.  Junk Hippy was built on these principals, so in the spirit of friendship, junk, and kindred spirits, be nice or leave!

11. Vendor and JH agree to promote this event to the best of their ability.  All procedures, forms, operations, concepts, vendor lists, advertisements, information in vendor group etc. behind JH are the intellectual property of JH and vendor agrees to not disclose this information to anyone outside JH.  After participating in a Junk Hippy event, vendor agrees not to create, co-create, advise, or host any similar event within 12 months or 300 miles of said Junk Hippy event.  No solicitation for other events during a JH event unless you have prior approval. 

12. Vendor agrees upon signing this contract and your participation in Junk Hippy, that you will not solicit another event or recruit Junk Hippy vendors for another event.  All vendor lists or groups, concepts, advertisements, operations, procedures, forms, etc are the intellectual property of Junk Hippy. 

Thank you so much for being a part of Junk Hippy!