Junk Hippy Casa

Nestled in the middle of an Oklahoma metropolitan, is a home unlike any other. A canopy of trees shade its structure and the entrance transports its owners to a different place, and a different time.

The windows are open, the breeze sends fragrant notes of citrus from one end of the house to another. The Black Crowes and Fleetwood Mac play in the background, and the colorful decor set the house in a bohemian tone. But, this isn’t the typical boho decor.


It’s boho with an edge. Nothing is the same, yet it all flows together. Eclectic collections from around the world reside in this house, and just as the owner dreamed, it’s her oasis. Her place away from the world, but has the whole world in it.

Although there are pieces from her travels, some are from her adventures around Oklahoma. Estate sales, trades, auctions and random finds. She collects pieces of different patterns and textures, combines them in an aesthetically eye-pleasing compositions to create a timeless look with a touch of flair and uniqueness.

This is the Junk Hippy Casa. Kristen Grandi, owner, cannot pinpoint her design style to one particular word, it’s a conglomerate of old world and new age. A style undefined.

“I feel like I should've lived in California in the 1970s,” Grandi said. “Collected, traveled, laid back, eclectic and edgy would be the top words to describe my design style.”

Couple those words with individuality and that is the Junk Hippy style she aims to create.

Vintage rugs layered together, posters of rock legends, worn leather chairs, pillows in an array of colors and textures, statues of spiritual guidance, photographs of her most beloved travels and people, and books that line the built-in shelves covering an assortment of topics.

“This is my safe-haven, my refuge,” Grandi said. “A place where I gather with my favorite people and laugh, tell stories and live life.”

With bare feet, she wanders the rooms of her home, revealing sunlight to each area as she pulls back the curtains. A deep exhale, she sits on her vintage Chesterfield sofa, and reveals what home is to her.

“It has all my favorite things in it —from people to food to energy and dreams,” Grandi said.


Her place for personal growth, support and meditation, that is what home means to Grandi.

And while it’s known she changes and rearranges her decor quite often, one thing remains the same - it will never be a cookie-cutter house.


“I don’t like to be the same as everyone else,” Grandi said. “If something feels trendy, I’m done. We all have our own fingerprint when it comes to style. I encourage everyone to find their own perspective.”

When a piece of furniture no longer serves a purpose in her home, Grandi sells it. She doesn’t hang on to what no longer is needed.

“When I feel something is done here, I hope someone else can take it and make it work in their own way in their home,” she said.

That is Junk Hippy style.

At the moment, her home may be located in Oklahoma, but her spirit is of California. And, that is the feeling evoked when one steps through the threshold of her home. 

By Bridget Mason