What is your favorite bohemian movie/tv home?

If you have ever stood in front of the tv, hitting the pause button so you can take a picture of the house in the show you're watching....you are not alone. This is my list of my favorite movie homes with a bohemian/old hippy vibe.  What would you add to this list?

1- Meet the Fockers 

This is one of my favorites! I love the crazy architecture, the lush landscaping and the cozy eclectic feel inside. Check it out on Hooked on Houses for more photos!

This is one of my favorites! I love the crazy architecture, the lush landscaping and the cozy eclectic feel inside. Check it out on Hooked on Houses for more photos!

2 - Dharma & Greg

This was one of my favorite shows back in the day and I'm so excited that reruns are playing on Ovation!  I have this on the DVR and watch an episode every night when we go to bed.  Dharma is my soul sister and I swear we've had so many of the same conversations they have on this show.  I always loved their apartment with the velvet chesterfield sofa, exposed brick walls and funky vintage goodies.

3 - Monica's apartment on Friends

This one seems kind of obvious but I've always loved how eclectic Monica and Rachel's apartment is.  I'd have to honestly say, this set design is one of the places my love for vintage came from and helped inspire my vintage furniture and junk business, Gypsy Green.  From the purple walls to the vintage French posters, the fun curtains and mismatched dining chairs...I think we've all loved this one since the very first "How YOU doin?"

friends apt.jpeg

4 - Mama Mia

This one, seriously....

Having Greece in the background doesn't hurt, but Meryl Streep's boho home is so perfect.  

5 - Practical Magic

In my dream house, I have a little special apothecary room like this with a zillion jars of herbs, plants and oils and magical little things.  And this kitchen.  

I also love the home at the commune Elysium on the movie Wanderlust but can't find any photos of it.  Time to pause the dvr and snap some pictures!

What are your favorites?  

The Design Conflicted Girl

I don't think I'm alone in this (please tell me I'm not), but our house is never "finished".  I could blame it on our job, always finding newer, cooler pieces and constantly swapping furniture out.  But I know better.  I remember doing this even at 12 years old....I'd save my money and buy new bedding and would end up dragging my furniture around, rearranging my room.  The whole look would change, not just a couple pieces.  This isn't anything new or curable.  I've always been a vintage girl, always a design junkie, always conflicted.  I'm a firm believer in the thought that your home should be a reflection of YOU, not a truckload of matching stuff from a big box store, just for the sake of having things on the wall.  So this is where my issue with cookie cutter design comes in.  It's like finger nails on a chalk board to me.  There is no soul in it.  Your personality should come through in your home, it should be filled with things you love and that mean something to you.  Not that it's normal to redecorate every three days, but I do love that our house evolves as we do.  

I love that the shells we picked up on the beach on a summer vacation are living on a bookshelf in the living room.  I love that my grandpa's cowboy boots sit on a bench in the dining room, so everyday when I pass them, I feel like he is still with us.  The vintage hand-painted Buddha lamp that Shawn surprised me with at my 35th birthday party is in the living room.  These things have a spirit and a story, and they are important to me.  They are part of OUR story.  We get to tell their stories when friends come over and ask "where did you find that!?".  We have things we've bought from friends, or traded with other design conflicted friends.  We have framed artwork from our girls.  Vintage kantha quilts, retro funky art prints, a great vintage chair my grandma gave us, my great-grandparents dining table as our desk...these are all things you can't just run out and buy.  It's a collection and these things have wandered around the house into just about every room.   Our house is never perfect, or magazine ready, or really even guest ready.....it's messy but it's ours.  You may walk in and find everything down off the walls, the bookshelves are empty, furniture is all scattered.  We've had people come in and ask if we just moved in.  Nope, I'm just rearranging.  Then I get the look.  This slightly cocked head, puzzled look that kind of says "WHAT is wrong with you??".  And we get LOTS of "does your husband care that you do this?  Mine would kill me!".  No he doesn't mind, because he is kind of super amazing.  He knows this was part of my crazy package.  

I hope maybe this inspires you to look around your own homes, maybe pull something special out of the drawer or cabinet and let it be part of your home.  Surround yourself with the things that you love and that mean something to you.  Who cares if it doesn't all match!  Will your family care?  No.  But they will love being able to see these special things, the kids will feel special seeing their framed artwork on the wall.  Your guests will love walking around taking it all in.  Make it personal, and it will be interesting.  It is YOUR home, make it yours.  

Peace and love,