Big news for Junk Hippies everywhere

Owning your business is not an easy thing.  It's fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's been TOUGH.  The not so fun part is riding the waves up and down and hoping they go back up again.  Sometimes they don't though and that's what brings us to this big news.  

Shawn and I have made the extremely difficult decision to not book any future shows in Oklahoma.  This is home, this is where Junk Hippy was created and took off.  I've had several comments, texts, emails and heart to heart conversations with friends over this and here is why we decided this.  

If you know me at all, you'll get this.  Maybe you'll get it even if you don't know me...  When we started Junk Hippy (and even before that really, in everything I've ever done), It was to be something unique.  That's why I started painting furniture 100 years ago, so I'd have something unique that no one else would have.  I am anti-big box stores.  I want really fun things that are DIFFERENT from what everyone else has.  So Junk Hippy was new, it was fresh and something DIFFERENT.  When we started and people asked what we do for a living, it was hard to even explain because there weren't any other events like it around here.   I spent A LOT of time explaining what a junk show was.  Now, sadly, there are so.  many.  shows.  There are so many shows that people can't tell one from the other.  There are so many shows that if someone misses us, there are 19 other shows the next weekend.  The names are similar, they go to the same cities we go to.  I will never, NEVER understand why people are ok with copying and how can they hold their head up?  I'm sad that they can't be more original than that.  

Ask any artist or creative person and they'll tell you.  Imitation is NOT flattering.  It kills what made the original thing special in the first place.  I will not compete with the FLOOD of shows.  Will not.  I'd rather quit.  It has taken away that unique, authentic thing that was the soul of where we came from.  I can't even put this into words how strongly I feel about it.  

So, we are only booking shows in Texas now.  Maybe we will do something in Oklahoma again, maybe we'll go to some entirely new place.  Who knows.  But we will do it on OUR terms, it will be OUR idea, and not because someone else did it and it looks easy.  That's not how we roll.  This is our livelihood, and like any other business....if the numbers aren't there, it's time to make some changes.  

Thank you, Oklahoma, for what it was.  We had fun.  It was life changing.  You helped my dream come to fruition.  You showed us that anything is possible.  We did a big, big thing.  We created a community, we created a lifestyle, we created something new and fun.  We are so grateful for the good years we had here.  It's just time to grow and make some changes, painful as it is.  I feel like a part of me has died.  Every time a new "Roadshow" pops up, I swear I can hear my soul dying a little.  It's now a new season and we are moving on, time to evolve and grow up a little.

I hope you'll join us on our next adventure, or take a little road trip and come see us down south.  

Lots of love to you all.



Kristen Grandi