Flower Child

I'm not sure what has happened in the last month but we are on boho overload over here.  I know summer time brings out the little flower child in all of us but right now our house looks like a gypsy wagon crashed at the corner of Haight and Ashbury.  What's funny is, everyone that has been to our house or has seen pictures of it lately has said the same thing.  "This is your true style".  I am the first one to admit that I get carried away on different things....one day it's modern, minimal, gold and grays and simple.  But that didn't feel right.  I'm like one of the Three Bears when it comes to this stuff.  That's too cold.  Then it was this black and white minimal thing.  That didn't feel right either.  So here is what I did.  I gave up trying to look like a Pinterest house, or the magazine-ready homes from Instagram.  Instead, I got out all the things I loved.  My tie dye scarf that has been stuffed in the closet for years now lives in the sunshine on the dining table.  My favorite vintage crazy dishes are out on display.  Vintage colorful kantha quilts are now curtains.  Nothing matches.  NOTHING.  But I'm not much of a matchy girl anyway.  A turquoise and brown paisley dress now is the cover of a chair seat.  Funky ikat, folk art and leopard pillows on my mismatched couches. This is me.  I have a threadbare gypsy soul and so does the rug in the entry.  It smells like incense and sage and citrus in here and I love it.  It's not perfect but it's SO perfect.  

What is the big deal of all this?  Honestly I'm kind of loving that statement, "this is your true style".  It's not someone else's that I was trying to duplicate.  It's MINE.  It is all the things I love that I've held on to for that very reason.  It's Mexican pottery and Talavera bowls, and Asian carved antique chairs, Indian quilts and Chinese paintings.  You know what my big thing is...to not be like anyone else.  Yet in a way, I was trying to make our home look like someone else's.  When I gave that up and just did what I loved, it became mine.  It was finally original, authentic, and it fits us.  And it isn't like anyone else's.  When you let go of what you think it should be, or what your home should look like, and just do what you love...it becomes yours.  It is original.  From one hippy chick to probably many more, just make it yours and it will fit.  


xo - Kristen

Kristen Grandi